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First Friday Artwalk with Larry Cazes
Air and Fire, A Mystical Bazaar -- Aug 3, 2018 --

We invite you to Boulder Creek’s First Friday Artwalk from 6-9 pm. Stroll the streets of Boulder Creek and visit many shops open late featuring local Artists with a smile.

We are excited to feature mesmerizing worlds in glass created by Larry Cazes, with fumed gold, silver and opals. His art is truly amazing to behold. By request he has begun making his art into jewelry which he will share with us on Friday.

Artist Statement:
My style developed from the long tradition of American studio glass and solid paperweight style. However, I am heavily influenced by science fiction novels and movies as well as psychedelic rock album and poster imagery.

My creations confine the chaos of our world into handheld three dimensional spherical worlds that are as much enticing to the eye as they are soothing to the soul. Compact solid glass spheres encapsulate my imagination and reveal dramatic scenes reminiscent of deep-space star clusters, nebulas, and swirling galaxies. Fiery opals play the parts of dying suns and planets on the verge of rebirth as silver and gold fumes take on the role of radiated space debris exhibiting intense color and depth.

My home is in San Jose California and I work alone in a space near the Pacific Ocean on the central coast of California. I am an unassuming commuter in a mid-sized sedan. I work every day and create handheld worlds that awe, inspire, and induce reflection.

Larry Cazes Glass art is shown in distinguished art galleries as well as collected internationally.