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I was visiting Boulder Creek yesterday and stopped in on a whim and bought your Green Earth Complexion Soap. I used it that night in the shower, and this morning my skin was so significantly improved that I immediately ordered 3 more bars. This soap is magic!!


Hello Air and Fire team,
Thank you for the refund, could you let me know via email when the green healing salve product becomes available. I have severe dry skin, psoriasis, cracks etc

Also just thought you should know how much I love your lavender and what amazing quality! It has become part of my daily healing ritual and has helped me heal so much faster/deeper physically and spiritually. Re-injury and neglecting my body has me in pretty bad shape daily migraines/constant pain-discomfort etc. I was making slow progress until I started using your lavender daily. The reduction of pain and discomfort while increasing my muscle movement/stretch, astounding, plus no more migraines!  My massage therapist is able to feel the difference and do much more when I use the lavender; he praises it's quality. I have now added other products like turmeric and arnica to my routine, and a future shopping list built from your website products.

Oh, and I rub it into my skin directly from the bottle with no reaction...my skin which reacts to everything and is so "sensitive". So glad I finally bought a bottle at Pantheacon 2015.

Thank you!

Your very grateful and happy new customer

Tobi S.

I just wanted to let you know that I Love my tanzinite earings!
I was at your store on Sat Nov. 7 and there was some little red flowers on the counter, I would like to know what kind of flower they are. I really loved the way they smelled and would love to get some. I love your store, when ever I am in boulder creek I always make a point of stoping in.

Kind regards,


you  guys   rock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
omg !
i  just  got  my  package !
i  knida  want  to  pour   the  whole  bottle  of  prosperity   oil  ALL  OVER  ME !
it  smells  soooooooooooooooooooooooo   goooooooood !
thanks  again !
    :  )


I''ve suffered from restless legs syndrome my whole life. Most members 
of my mother's side of the family also have it. My partner was also 
miserable because my legs would twitch involuntarily when I finally 
went to sleep. I''ve tried many remedies, but nothing worked. Then a 
friend suggested this strange remedy: place two bars of soap under the 
sheets at the corners of the foot of your bed. This old folk cure 
seemed silly, but one sleepless night I decided to try it using Air & 
Fire''s handcrafted natural soaps. Miraculously, I slept soundly and 
peacefully. In fact, as long as I have the soaps in the right 
positions in my bed, I''ve slept very well ever since. When I 
experience the tingly sensation in my legs, I feel it evaporate once 
I''m under the covers.

--Jim Schutte

Emelia and Alex

Hello and good morning or afternoon.

I wanted to drop a note and tell you that I found the new St. Johns soap to be luxuriant and long lasting. I think you should make more of this variety if you can.

I hope that your observance of the solstice was pleasant and that the New Year brings you prosperity and happiness with your soon to be expanded family.


Best wishes and blessings

Mike McGuinness

I tried the Love Potion immediately, and I love it.  I can't tell you what it reminds me of, because I don't remember, but it is very nice.

I sprayed my Mom with the Lavender, and she was highly impressed.  It is rare to find any kind of aromatherapy that actually smells like the herb that it is supposed to... for example, I have some lavender chammomile sleep lotion, and it really does not smell like either herb.  It just smells kind of pleasant.
I am sure that you could have displays in spas and such that would keep you busy enough making your products that you would not have time for fun... especially since I think your prices are really affordable.



I was searching for Egyptian Pantheus and you were one of the few places that came up.
And I'm glad you did!! I just received it today, Saturday, and I ordered it on Thursday evening! Wow! What incredibly quick service! Unbelievable! Thank you!! I'm keeping your site bookmarked for anything else I might need that you have to offer! I saw a few things already, so you can bet I'll be back!! Thanks again and keep up the great work!!


Hi Emelia and Alex,
   I just wanted to say your products are great! A friend of mine gave me one of your candles to use in my ritual workings and all I have to say is wow...I love them! They are strong with intent and radiate with much love! I also like that the whole line is all natural. I can't wait till some of my favorites are back in stock! Keep up the good work! Love and Blessings,


Thanks so much!
I bought some of the sprays last year at PantheaCon and I love em so much
that I had to replenish the ones I used up and buy some more!
Thanks for making them special


My husband and I were visiting your area this past summer and found your store.  We fell in love with it!!  Everything we purchased was awesome; I love your witchy soap, when will you have more in stock??  Thank you and blessed be


Thanks for the wonderful gift wrap today, Emelia.  Under "Mystical Bazaar", perhaps you should mention the American Indian items, the beautiful jewelry, and the gorgeous bric-a-brac (pieces for the coffee table, mantel, other tables).  Just a thought.


Hello!  I no longer live in the Santa Cruz mountains, but am desparate for some of the great insect repellent you make!  (Do you know people ask me "What perfume are you wearing?" when I put it on!!)  Is there any chance that you will ship this to me (in San Mateo)? 

If not, I'll get down there (before the skeeters get me!)

Thank you!!!  :)  Jen.


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your wonderful stuff , I love nothing more than to sit back and change the mood in my office with a couple of squirts of Happy Potion, mmmmmmmmmm Thanks

John H.

I met you at a street fair. I used the success potion on every real estate contract that I have written and each transaction has been a success. I spray the peaceful potion on stressful day and I become calm. I Thank you and ask that you keep up the good work and quality of your potions. You are important to me. Thank you and may the spirit always be with you.

Leigha Davis

"I've been using Air and Fire products for over a year now and just love them.  All of the soaps, candles, incense, and oils are high quality.  I'm so spoiled using Air and Fire soaps that I can no longer use other soaps on my skin.  My skin is always so soft after my bath that I hardly use lotion anymore.

Not only are the products high quality, but there is good energy in them.  When I burn the candles, I know that they are made with love and with good intent.  I am fortunate enough to know the person who hand makes the products, and I can say that she is one of the kindest people on this planet.  This is why I continue to purchase Air and Fire products.  I know exactly what I am getting; high quality and pure intent."

Tiffany Cooper

Dear Emelia,
Thank you for creating this wonderful stuff. 
This weekend at Pantheacon I bought a bottle of the Grounding Mist. For whatever reason, its effect on me is more fiery / energizing than grounding -- and that is exactly what I needed, in the tired doldrums partway through the conference. My wife Linda also enjoyed the fresh, awakened feeling this mist brings. 

While we're at it, thank you for your spirit. I was especially impressed by the thought and intention that goes into charging the water in the way you described. But more than that, your sincere joy embodies the magick I've always associated with those mountains. You are also a gentle and respectful person, tactfully sharing with others only what they are willing to receive. It was a real pleasure meeting you and talking with you.
Again, many thanks for this excellent mixture -- and for you own delightful energy.

Beauty, Truth, and Love,
Jack Darkhand

Jack Darkhand