Aromatherapy Mists & Potions
Air & Fire's Handcrafted Products

Our Aromatherapy Mists & Potions are all-natural, made with pure essential oils, gemstone elixirs, and specially charged waters. Each one is formulated for a purpose. They are used to shift energy on a person, a space, crystals, objects, clothing, your sheets, and the smell will gently fade. To experience the vibe we recommend to mist over your head, inhale deeply, and let your energy transform into your desired state. 
2 fl oz. each

Product   Price
Awaken Mist   $12.00
Dragon's Breath Potion   $12.00
Dream Mist   $12.00
Grounding Mist   $12.00
Happy Potion   $12.00
Holy Woods   $12.00
Lavender Aromatherapy Mist   $12.00
Lord of the Forest Mist   $12.00
Love Mist Potion (formerly Air and Fire's Love Potion)   $15.00
Peaceful Mist   $12.00
Rose Garden Mist   $12.00
Sacred Smudge Mist   $12.00
Spiritual Cleanser   $12.00
4 Mist/Potion Deal   From $44.00

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