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Air and Fire started out in 1999 as a Mystical Bazaar, carrying a variety of arts, crafts, ritual items and supplies relating to various earth and spiritual based pagan traditions.

In September 2003, we opened up our storefront Mystical Bazaar here in historic Boulder Creek. We have our own unique line of natural and magical products carefully handcrafted to our conscientious expectations of what a magical product should be. Guided by spirit, we craft our products in small batches with heart and much care coupled with the energies of the earth, sun and moon's cycles.

Air & Fire is a reflection of our many interests. We are also seeking out and developing new and exciting products to appeal to our customers varied interests. We encourage your feedback and want to know what you think about our products and your recommendations for items that you'd like to see at Air & Fire in the future.

Peace, Harmony and Blessings to you!


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