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Mind/Body Trance-formation
3 week series
Air and Fire -- Jan 12, 2017 --

Mind/Body Nutrition Trance-formation 3 week Series

This 3-week Mind/Body Nutrition series combines health coaching, holistic nutrition education, healthy recipes and spiritual reclaiming work as a way to empower body image and heal toxic beliefs around food, body and diet.  

We will discuss the various metabolic physiology associated with stress, digestion, and blood sugar and look at specific foods, plants and herbs that are supportive to these systems and how to incorporate them into our diet.

The goal of this series is to help people get centered in their body wisdom and allow this to be their guiding force around food and body. Each week we will use hypnotherapy to journey within to strengthen, empower and do spiritual reclaiming work. Mp3 of class hypnotherapy sessions will be provided for continued reclaiming and empowerment work.

Participants will walk away with a renewed appreciation for their body, a new perspective on food, and lots of healthy and delicious nutrient rich recipes. This class is not only about learning how to create a sustainable healthy diet, it’s also about personal growth, empowerment and newfound love of the body.

Each class includes:

·         Holistic Nutrition and Body Chemistry Education

·         Healthy Food and Herbal Recipes

·         Spiritual Reclaiming Hypnotherapy Session and Mp3 recording

·         Homework aimed at self care and personal empowerment


Instructor: Jenny Arnold

Dates: Thursdays January 12, 19, and 26

Time: 6:00-8:00

Where: Air and Fire in Boulder Creek

Cost: $75 for the 3-week series

To register: (831) 338-7567


About me:I am an Eating Psychology Coach, a Holistic Nutrition Consultant and a Hypnotherapist. My work is a combination of creative nutrition, positive mind-body dialogue and spiritual tools for transformation.