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First Friday Art Walk
with Linda Mastrangelo
Air and Fire -- Oct 7, 2016 --

For October's First Friday Artwalk Air and Fire is featuring the Linda Mastrangelo of Dream Alchemy. She makes some very unique handcrafted jewelry with meaning.
Friday October 7th from 6 - 9 PM
Stroll the streets of Boulder Creek, shops will be open late featuring local Artists with a smile.

These unique art pieces act as a talisman, bringing potency and special gifts to the wearer. Each amulet carries a name and comes with a detailed explanation of its properties.  From inviting in love, joy and abundance to clearing out old energy to make way for the new, take your time examining each image and see which one “calls to you.” Then have fun seeing which alchemical process is present for you (or a loved one) at this time. 
These amulets also naturally defuses essential oils while you wear it and enhances the experience. Just add a drop of the recommended therapeutic oils (or your own concoction!) onto the Basalt (lava) rock. The oils absorb into the basalt stone and will emit the wondrous scent! This lasts longer than wearing it on your skin which is also beneficial to those with skin and/or allergies to perfumes. Basalt/Lava stone has its own healing properties. Basalt is formed from molten lava or rock that was heated so much it turned liquid; you can only imagine the strength, fire and power contained within basalt! A perfect stone for focusing on and grounding specific intentions or properties.