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Piseogs, Charms and Superstitions
The Magic of our Irish Ancestors with Lora O'Brien
Air and Fire -- Feb 21, 2016 --

"Piseogs, Charms and Superstitions - the Magic of our Irish Ancestors"

12:00 - 4:00 Pm
$45 Workshop fee

Irish author and educator Lora O'Brien has lived her whole life steeped in the myth and magic of her native island. Join us at Air & Fire on Sunday, Feb 21st, from 12 noon to 4pm - as we explore Ireland's past. The presentation will include a talk on the history, structure and examples of Irish piseogs, charms and superstitions - many of which are still practiced today - and a guided exercise using Lora's unique Otherworld Journeys methodology to meet the very Ancestors who may have used them.

You will be steeped in Ireland's magical culture, past and present, and learn a practical journeying technique you can continue to use in the future, to deepen your connection to Ireland.