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Dark Moon Shiva Shakti Ritual
Air and Fire -- Apr 1, 2011 --
Shakti and Shiva, pure unmanifest consciousness to creation through the Power of Love. Shakti and Shiva are the manifestation of Love. Join us in a devotion to them, for they are united in Love. Through this energy we will honor and empower our sacred selves. We will anoint one another as we begin our journey into the profound love of our heart chakra. We will embrace the inner peace that lies within each of us, celebrating our connection to all.

Love was born first, the gods cannot reach it, or the spirit, or men. . . . Far as heaven and earth, far as the waters go, high as the fire burns, you are greater, love! The wind cannot reach you, nor the fire, nor the sun, nor the moon: You are greater than them all, love! - Atharva Veda 9.2.19

Fridayt, April 1st, Gather at 6:30, ritual begins at 7:00
We ask for a $10 - 20 donation which covers the cost of materials used, cakes & wine and benefits the shop. No one turned away for lack of funds.