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There and Back Again
by J'te Argent and Alison Harlow
Air and Fire -- Apr 22, 2004 --


• moving safely through deity and spirit trance-possession •

• based upon teachings of Victor Anderson •

offered at Air and Fire
13155 B Highway 9 • Boulder Creek

A course of three sessions

6:30 pm – 8:30 pm • April 22nd, April 29th and May 6th

course fee $35    some partial scholarships are available


•This course is offered to those folks working with magical groups that intend to use trance-possession to connect with deity and spirit energies and to those solitary practitioners who desire to add this discipline to their practice.


•The intent of this course is to provide the participants with sound, solid safety procedures that will allow them to seek and participate fully in trance-possession. It will also provide a clear procedure for any Priestess or Priest to lead a group or an individual through a trance-possession journey safely.


Participants will be accepted to this course at the discretion of the presenters.

**Interested folks must contact Air & Fire no later than Friday, April 16th

to be considered for this course.** or 831.338.7567

Class space is limited to 12 participants.

Presenters: J’té Argent and Alison Harlow

J’té Argent is a practicing Feri Priestess in Santa Cruz County.  She has been active in the Wiccan community for more than twelve years. She is a visual artist, illustrator and co-owner of Wyldwood Press, Inc.

Alison Harlow is a practicing Feri Priestess in Santa Cruz County.  She was initiated in 1970 by Gwydion Penderrwen, and trained in Feri Witchcraft by Gwydion and Victor Anderson.  She has been teaching Craft for almost thirty years.  She is the founder of the Vanthi line of Feri tradition and one of the founding members of Covenant of the Goddess.

J’té and Alison design and host many types of ritual gatherings of various sizes and intentions.