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Spiritual Cleanser

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Use to cleanse yourself, space and objects. It works especially well at clearing crystals and stones.  

Our Spiritual Cleanser has a sweet sacred smell and it cleanses with a high spiritual vibration. Over the years we have received hundreds comments about the uplifting feeling it brings. We often come into contact with and pick up unwanted energies in the course of our day. This spiritual cleanser is geared to cleanse unwanted vibrations and help connect us with higher spiritual beings or our higher self, who knows what is best for us and will assist in removing unwanted energies that may hinder our spiritual progression.

Our Spiritual Cleanser is made with pure essential oils of Frankincense, Myrrh and a touch of Cinnamon crafted in specially charged waters. Frankincense and Myrrh were once considered to be as valuable as gold! They are an ancient combination used in sacred rituals, ceremonies, prayers, offerings, meditation as well as medicinally for thousands of years! They create a very high spiritual vibration helping to clear the mind and space and bring healing and blessings.

They are still used medicinally today both internally and externally to cure numerous ailments. Being anti-inflammatory they help to tone, protect and sooth inflammation of the skin as well as fade scars.

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