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Spiritual Cleanse Soap

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It has essential oils of Frankincense, Myrrh and a touch of Cinnamon. Frankincense and Myrrh were once considered to be as valuable as gold! They are an ancient combination used in sacred rituals, ceremonies, prayers, offerings, meditation as well as medicinally for thousands of years! They create a very high spiritual vibration helping to clear the mind and space and bring healing and blessings.

They are still used medicinally today both internally and externally to cure numerous ailments. Being anti-inflammatory they help to tone, protect and sooth inflammation of the skin as well as fade scars. We have been making our Spiritual Cleanser mist since the 90's and it is our top seller of all our Mystic Mists and Potions, so it's about time we made a soap with these precious ingredients. This soap is nice and creamy with a good lather.

We specialize in making all natural products. Our soaps should be left to dry on a good soap dish uplifted from puddles of water in between uses to last a long time. They are gentle on the environment and you.