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Local Artists

Air and Fire supports their local community by carrying works from over 50 very talented local Artitsts. Many of the items must be seen in person to appreciate. From incense, magical tools, jewelry, books, music, original art, prints and more. Here are some of them:

Angelica Jewels

Some wonderful jewelry that comes on cards telling about the magickal and healing properties of the stones used. The bracelets are pretty and have magnetic clasps which make them very easy to get on and off. They also makes earrings, necklaces and keychains. 

Avelon & Ez

necklaces, bracelets and earrings are very unique, she uses stone, bone, wood, silver, leather, ribbon, crystal, feathers, gold fill, Venetian glass and possibly more.

Kenneth Winter

Hand forged bronze, copper & silver chains, jewelry and money clips.

Orange Poppy

Jewelry handcrafted in a variety of styles with natural crystals and stones. Necklaces, earrings & bracelets.  

Quantum Ocean

Makes handcrafted rune necklaces from shell, coral and sea rocks. Molten pewter forms the rune symbol on each necklace. These are made with care and each one is truly unique.

Recycled Metal Art

We have a selection of fun and whimsical earrings made of recycled bottlecaps, scalloped edges with glitter & decorations and surgical steel findings. We also have recycled tin ornaments and nightlights by kathleen O'neill. 


has brought us a colorful variety of her hand crafted jewelry in glass & stone beads. She has been specializing in memory wire necklaces that go on and come off so easily and never get tangled, some have matching earrings or a bracelet. 

Victoria Ainsley

Bracelets, earrings, necklaces and sets in a variety of symbols, stones, shells & pearls. Everything comes in a nice little gift box. Stones and special symbols include a description card of the metaphysical qualities they possess.

Magickal Crafts
Air & Fire Products
Handcrafted natural soaps, magickal essential oil blends, aromatherapy mists & potions, massage oils, elemental candles, bath salts and gift baskets.
Dragon Moon Incense
Locally handcrafted with the finest whole herbs, spices and natural resins.  Hand rolled cones or loose powders for charcoal burning. Available in a variety of scents that are magickally charged to reflect the characteristics of each name.

Hand crochet hats for babies, toddlers and adults. Hand sewn lavender sachets.

Enchanted Willow

Rune necklaces carved and painted on semi-precious stones by Willow. A full set of her traditional rune necklaces magically burned in wood disks and beaded with wood and bone. Dream eye pillows lined with fleece, magickal herbal pouches and custom engraved runes or bindrunes on boxes for protection, prosperity, and well being.


Goddess Dolls

These are beautiful hand made dolls by Peg Witch in an assortment of fabrics. They are soft, cuddly and smell wonderful.. they have lavender stuffed inside. They are also very affordable at $15.00 each

JM Ceramics

Unique handcrafted hanging cermaic incense holders with gothic faces, and pipes.

The Black Door

Magickal and healing artes: Finely crafted incense for burning on charcoal. 3 kinds are available now, Mystic Temple, Queen of the Crossroads & Ancestral Altar. 

Original Art
A.D. Warner & Co.
A wonderful variety of arts by a truely talented artist Diane Warner. We have some of her woodburned gourds, gourd vases and rattles with dragons, Egyptian symbols and a Goddess. We have several original miniature oil paintings. We have sketched prints and notecards of many places in the San Lorenzo Valley of historical interest as well as animals. See their website for pictures or come to the shop to see in person.
Drayga Wyvernshade
Sacred Symbols carved in stones; soapstone, sandstone and red clay, then painted in gold acrylic. Celtic and Egyptian symbols price range for these one of a kind peices are $10 - $15 each. 
Michelle Waters

brings us two beautiful original paintings: "Butterfly Effect" & "Spiraling through Time #2". These are surreal deep paintings each with a Goddess. We also have a large variety of matted prints and greeting cards with Goddess, nature, animal spirit themes. Michelle's art is nicely seasoned with many years of painting and several published pieces.

Raven Art

We have several powerful original paintings by the talented Raven. I'll describe her work as mysterious, transformational and tempestuous with emotion. The painting evokes deep strength, beauty, creation and definitely thought provoking.... Prints are also available.

Music/ CD's, DVD's

Middle Eastern music great for bellydancing.

Hearts Take Flight

Jazzy instrumental music by Ted Kastelic/Jonathan Kessler

C.D. by local artist Bluzar Blue, who calls 
it "folk-rock with a psycho-billy twist, or something like 
that." It has a really diverse sound. The artist plans to 
give 20% of his proceeds to Cancer research.

An awesome local Bay Area band who performans live often. Kekuja specialises in afro belly dance music, and also plays middle eastern. This band is loved by bellydancers and a joy to see. If you can catch them performing, you won't be disapointed. We carry Kekuja "Live at Joslines" and an Air and Fire Mix of middle eastern music by Kevin Marshall of Kekuja.

Sharon Knight Band

Song of the Sea "an otherworldly blend of Celtic traditional and original songs featuring soulful Celtic vocals and mythical themes, set in a lush instrumental tapestry of mandola, mandocello, violin, acoustic and electric guitar, Uilleann pipes, whistles, piano, keyboards and percussion." We also have Cd's Pandemonaeon and Temple of Dreams

Scott Helland

"Scott's all-instrumental compositions meld a visceral mix of rock, pagan folk, metal influences and neo-classical styles all performed on acoustic guitar and bass guitar. His playfully diverse instrumentals are creative and unpredictable. Often having a medieval flavor or a movie soundtrack mystique, the emphasis is on melody and a strong lyrical feel. "

Printed Art
Argent Art

Four different elemental dragon prints and a Welsh Greenman in matted prints, tea shirts and cards. She also does fine home paintings, decorative faux finishes, murals & trompe l'oeil.

Christina Case

Christina Case - brings a delightful assortment of prints and cards with fairies, gnomes, elves and nature themes. A very talented artist with a nice assortment to choose from. Some of her original paintings are for sale too.

Digital Art Cards
abstract art creations in several different designs by Kevin Marshall of Kekuja.

Erin Wells

Nature themed and ghostly art prints richly done by the talented Erin Wells.

Harmonic Hart Visions

They have a beautiful book with mythical and metaphysical art and poetry, plus greeting cards. Lots of Fairies and Greenman are pictured in the art.   

Monika Livingstone
Fantastic dragon, fairy and other mystical prints, cards and magnets. We have a couple of Monika's framed original oil paintings on stone with feathers. She makes a variety of clay creations as well, beads, decorated bottles and candle holders.

Luna brings us her profoundly surreal art, with postcards & prints. Some of her art has Crowley influences and some of it i'd describe as brightly eclectic. All of it is a  must see .

Willow Arleanea

This artist paints beautiful works on a variety of subjects, Gods and Goddesses, mystical themes, nature and animals. She also has her own tarot deck. We have several of her prints.

Ruth Dailey

As a left-handed Aries I celebrate a life-long love of art of all types and mediums. Being a child in a right-handed world I learned to “teach ’ myself the skills and techniques of the arts and crafts lovingly created by the women in my family – an amazing legacy. As a selftaught artist I soon found joy in exploring and experimenting creating my own style.
As an avid reader and learner I have eagerly sought out inspiration and ideas from others and adapted them to my way of doing things.While always evolving my current passions are original designs for my kitty cat items, Pen and ink Zentangle designs on cards, books, & jewelry, book arts and bookmaking, plus printmaking and monoprints.

A Witch Like Me

A Witch Like Me is a wonderful memoir by Santa Cruz local Janus Blume.

Gendron Tarot & Book

A beautiful tarot deck and instruction guide book created by Melanie Gendron. Each card is a beautiful visionary piece of art.

Jeff Barbour
Local Author of three titles: Blue Planet; Ritual of Stone and The End of The World As We Know It.
Joan Staffen

"Divination & Action" & "Divination & Joy" are companion books with intuitive tools by local author Joan Rose Staffen w/ Shakti Wilson. They teach a pendulum divination system with worksheets and suggested questions that lead you to different charts to pinpoint important areas. With the use of these intuitive charts it is possible to achieve very detailed readings with the pendulum. We also carry Joan's poetry book "Catching you, catching me, catching fire" and "Be Not Afraid" a book of art.

Natures Hopes

Loretta Haler is a 5th grade teacher who wrote two wonderful books. A Voice for the Redwoods and Lacy's Journey The Life of a Decorator Crab. 

Peter Phalam
Celestial Reunion- a channeled book by local Astrologer Peter Phalam. "One man's vision from beyond the edge of metaphysical reality."
Tales of Tura

David Dallion 7th local author of 'Tales of Tura' with a collection of very imaginative short stories, presents a tale of all tales. Within the pages one will find dragons, creatures and aliens of all sorts involved in strange unsuspecting events as they gradually unfold in a modern day adventure fantasy. The saga will continue in the second book 'Tura and the Outer Realms' due to be released in Spring.

The Twelve Tribes
The year is 1806. In No. Ca. hundreds of small trives live side by side in a rapidly changing land. The Twelve Trives live here too, a people of mixed blood with a unique culture based upon astrology. Into their world comes a young woman, desperately fleeing from a new Spanish mission. She will journey to each tribe and struggle to free herself of the demons of her past, while looking for a home for her future. A book by Hale Mednick
Witch Eye
"Witch Eye is a zine full of art, lore & discussion inspired and/or informed by the 'Feri (Faery/Faerie) Tradition of Witchcraft,' meaning various permeations of the tradition developed by Victor and Cora Anderson. Witch Eye is published roughly 2-3 times per year."
A Local author shares two beautifully written books with Air and Fire. "The River and the Raven: A True Story" and "Enlightenment Guaranteed: Zen, Bodhidharma, and Who Are You?"  Spiritual and Zen discussions with Umi.