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Grounding Mist

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Ground Your Body Mind & Spirit
Our Grounding Mist has a deep, earthy scent to center and ground oneself. Helps bring you back to earth so that you may focus on what needs to be done.
I use it all the time in my everyday life; before performing (I often bellydance), important meetings or phone calls, at work and when I can't seem to think straight or when I’m upset. I also use it in prep for ritual and magick.
It has one of those scents that work well for both men and women.
Made with essential oils and gemstone elixir in a base of specially charged water.


 Grounding Mist is easy to use, shake the bottle well, spray once or twice about 8-10 inches away from your face, feel the fine mist gently fall upon you. Take three slow... deep breaths... and its done.

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