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September 2016

Sep 1, 2016

Air & Fire would like to thank all it's supports for 13 great years in Boulder Creek! Raffle, Sales, and Party this weekend! Free raffle ticket with every purchase now through Saturday night!
Here are some of our raffle prizes. Drawing is Saturday night at the party. Hope to see you there!
Raffle Prize #1:
A full set of Air and Fire's spell candles. Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Above, Below & Spirit candles made of soy wax and essential oils in a thick glass container, each handcrafted with love by Emelia Nahinu ( when the moon is in the candles elemental sign, with Above & Below made on full and dark moons. Burn time: 15 - 24 hours
Retail value: $42
Raffle Prize #2:
Generously donated by Linda Mastrangelo
Meet Hand Holding World Soul, a powerful amulet that brings collective alignment, harmony and awakening on a higher level of consciousness. A talisman for World/Spiritual Leaders, Peace Keepers and you Movers and Shakers in the world who wish to embody true shifts on a soul level. The Sophia.
Retail Value: $55.00
Raffle Prize #3:
3 of Air and Fire's handcrafted natural soaps.
You choose 3 of your favorites from what is in stock. Our handcrafted soaps are 100% natural made in harmony with the moon and blessed with love by Emelia Nahinu ( . They are castile soaps, olive and coconut oil based. The colors are derived from herbs and we use pure essential oils for their benefits and smell.
Retail value: $21

Raffle Prize #4:
Garnet Wizard Necklace
Donated by Victoria Ainsley
Wizard pendant with glass moons, pewter moons, garnet, light blue bohemian and crystal beads with matching earrings.
Retail value: $50

Raffle Prize #5:
Hamsa necklace and earring set with a 18" sterling silver chain. Donated by Helen Kahn (
The hamsa is also called the Hand of Fatima which is used for protection to ward off the evil eye.
Retail value: $40

Raffle Prize #6:
Handcrafted memory wire necklace with mother of pearl, blue glass and sterling silver lapis lazuli pendant.
Donated by Reginia Klamner (
Retail value: $35+

Raffle Prize #7
Bronze dragon necklace and earring set generously donated by Helen Kahn ( .
Retail value: $35

Raffle Prize #8:
Generously donated by Jenistar Shakti ( The Healthy Kitchen Witch.
Holistic Nutrition & Mind/Body Health Coaching package
includes 3 sessions of Holistic Nutrition, Hypnotherapy & Eating Psychology Health Coaching.

Raffle prize #9:
Witchy ValenTeena
Check out her cool witchy boots, hat and cape! Generously donated and handcrafted by the talented Kim Wilson Brandt ( who makes all kinds of Kwirky Creatures. She even does custom orders, just describe what you want and she can make it! We have dragons, fairies, bunny's and mermaids of hers for sale in the shop.
Retail value: $50.00

Raffle prize #10:
Full hour Reiki session in the healing room at Air and Fire with Kathy Joy Hansen ( ! Kathy is an intuitive healer and gifted Reiki Master. She utilizes crystals in her healing practice to assist and amplify the effect. Her clients often walk away with a smile on their face, claiming improvements and a deep sense of peace. Kathy is available by appointment for Reiki sessions at Air and Fire.
Retail value: $70

Raffle Prize #11:
A set of 5 large art postcards illustrated and donated by J'té Argent ( of Argent Art. This is a wonderfuly magickal collection! Postcards include a Greenman, Pan and 3 different dragons.
Retail value: $35

Raffle prize #12:
A set of 4 elemental cards illustrated and donated by local Artist J'té Argent ( of Argent Art. The artwork is elemental dragons with a message, one each for Earth, Air, Fire and Water.
Retail value: $16
Raffle prize #13:
A $100 shopping spree for Air and Fire's handcrafted magickal products! Your choice of any of our natural soaps, candles, Mystic Mists & Potions, Magickal Oils, Green Healing Salve and 70+ pure essential oils that are in stock.

Raffle prize #14:
Two 12.5 x 18 prints donated by J'te J'té Argent ( of Argent Art. Artwork is of her elemental dragons, one of Air and one of fire.
Retail value: $39
Raffle prize #15:
Full hour tarot reading with Emelia Nahinu ( in the reading room. Emelia is an intuitive spiritual reader working to bring clarity and empower her clients. Emelia has been a professional tarot reader for 15 years delivering messages with honesty and compassion.
Retail value: $75.
Raffle prize #16:
Collection of minerals, crystals and gemstones! Build your collection from our vast assortment. You may choose a selection up to $50 from our bulk loose crystals and stone bins.

Raffle Prize #17:
Large Golden Calcite Sphere with wooden stand.
Calcite is a powerful amplifier and cleanser of energy. By simply having a specimen of Calcite in a room will clean all negative energy and increase the households energy levels. It removes stagnant energy. Calcite is an active crystal that speeds up development and growth physically, mentally and spiritually.
Retail Value: $155.00