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Mystical Update Summer 08

Aug 9, 2008

Air and Fire's Mystical Bazaar is Open:
Tues - Saturday 11 - 6:30
Sunday 11 - 5:00
Closed Mondays

Greetings Friends!

We hope you are enjoying the long days of summer. We want you all to know we are open on Tuesdays again for the rest of summer, come on out and see whats new at the Mystical Bazaar! We have been busy bringing in new crystals, stones, jewelry and more local art to add to the Mystical Bazaar.

A & F Handcrafted Products Update
As you know, our shops in house specialty is our very own line of natural soaps, magickal oils, aromatherapy mists and potions made right here in Boulder Creek! We handcraft these products at key solar & lunar times, working in harmony with nature’s cycles to heighten their energies and focus their specific intent. These are 100% natural, high quality products that feel great!

Our Aromatherapy Mists and Potions are refreshing on these hot summer days, come try out our testers. Bring in your empty Air and Fire Mist or Potion bottles for a refill and save $1.00. We have added several new pure essential oils to our stock with over 60 quality selections. There is also a nice selection of natural soaps to treat yourself to.

Soaps in stock:

Sea Goddess - with 3 kinds of sea kelps
Mystic Rose - beautiful floral smell
Red Earth - with red clay
Witchy - only made on a full moon
Minty Hemp - cooling refreshing
Greenman - earthy, forest, natural feeling
Lemon Heaven - yummy
Lavender - relaxing, nourishing

You can find out more about Air and Fire's Handcrafted Magickal Products here

Classes at Air and Fire

Magickal Basics
-Exploring the Basic Principles of Magick
offered by Wytchwood ÔJ’té Argent 2006

a four week course
Wednesday Evenings 6:30 - 8:30
September 10, 17, 24 & October 1st
Course fee $80 plus $10 lab fee for workbook + materials
Topics: the Ethics of Magick; the Wiccan Rede and the Three-fold Law in depth; short History of Wicca & other Magickal Traditions; The Web of Life with its connections, responsibilities and privileges; many basic magickal symbols and their uses. Intent: to develop a working knowledge of the basic precepts of daily magical living.
For more details click here: Magickal Basics

Natural Magick
-Introduction to the Craft
offered by Wytchwood ÔJ’té Argent 2006

A seven week course
Wednesday Evenings 6:30 - 8:30
October 8, 15, 22, 29, Nov. 5, 12 &19
Course fee $140 plus $15 lab fee for workbook + materials
Topics: The Old Ways; 3 Realms; history and Ethics; 4 Elements, tools; casting; Ancestor & spell work based on Spirit of the Witch by Raven Grimassi *This course includes a workbook with informational handouts and approximately 3-5 hours of study each week between classes.

For more info on this class click here: Natural Magick

New Local Art

Goddess Dolls - These are beautiful hand made dolls by Peg Witch in an assortment of fabrics. They are soft, cuddly and smell wonderful.. they have lavender stuffed inside, I gave one to my baby to help him sleep. They are also very affordable at $12.00 each

Luna Art - Wonderfully vibrant and super surreal prints & postcards by Luna. Many of her pieces have Crowlian influences. She also brings us hand painted walking sticks in some wild designs.

Chocolate Goddesses - Deliciously made by a local Chocolateer in white chocolate, mint chocolate and just chocolate. This artist also brings us hand rolled beeswax candles for $1 each.

Hawk Valley Herbs - makes a nice healing skin salve with wildcrafted local herbs.

Raven - We now have prints available for Raven's powerful paintings displayed at Air and Fire.

Michelle Waters - Prints and cards of dozens of subjects especially cats.

Thanks for reading
Blessings to you and yours,

Emelia & Alex

13124 Hwy 9
Boulder Creek