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Winter 2007

Dec 5, 2007

Mystical Bazaar
Open 11:00 - 5:30 pm
Daily through December 30th.
Closed Dec. 25th

We invite you to come in and see what is new at the
Mystical Bazaar. We just got a shipment in from Dryad
designs including pagan statuary and jewelry in copper and
bronze. We currently have 40+ different tarot/oracle decks
in stock including the new 'Mystic Faerie Tarot' and 'The
Hidden Path' by Raven Grimassi & Stephanie Taylor. We have
accumulated over 50 different varieties of loose crystals
and stones starting at $ .50 a piece. Shop at Air and Fire
for your holiday gifts, we have a wide variety of unique
gifts and magickal products at affordable prices, and we
support our local community.

We have new local Art:

Balance Studios: We have the new CD "More Mystic
Meditations for Daily Life with Mellissa Stone as well as
The Groovy Goddess Workout DVD and Mystic Meditations DVD

Causmo & Love: More earrings and earthy wire wrapped
pendants with semiprecious stones.

Enchanted Willow: More handcrafted jewelry with wood &
amber, as well as her wonderful Rune necklaces.

Janielle Cobb: Has brought us some amazing photographic
matted prints and we have many available in cards. She also
makes some very cute hand dyed and painted onsies for

Patricia's Jewelry: Makes some beautiful earrings and
necklaces with a variety of large stones including red
coral, turquoise, charorite and more.

Quantum Ocean: An artist from Florida has handcrafted rune
necklaces from shell, coral and sea rocks. Molten pewter
forms the rune symbol on each necklace.

Kellianna: We have the new CD "I Walk With The Goddess" and
the previous CD "Lady Moon" is back in stock.

Visit our website for more about the 40+ Local Artist's
work Air and Fire carries:

A & F Handcrafted Products Update
The shop specialty is our own line of natural soaps,
candles, magickal oils, aromatherapy mists and potions made
right here in Boulder Creek! We handcraft these products at
key solar & lunar times, working in harmony with nature’s
cycles to heighten their energies and focus their specific
intent. These are all natural, high quality products that
feel great!

All of our different aromatherapy mists and potions are in
stock right now. We have some of our special candles;
Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Spirit which are magically
crafted with essential oils of the particular element, have
semi-precious stones in them and are hand-painted.

We have a dozen different kinds of soap in stock now:
*New* Mystic Rose- a floral treat
*New* Winter Spice- warm and nice
*New* Green Earth- with avocado oil and green clay
Eucalyptus Lemon- Purifying
Rosemary Lime - Refreshing
Sea Goddess- with 3 kinds of sea kelp
Minty Hemp- delicious
Sage - cleansing
Oatmeal Honey- nourishing
Patchouli Hemp- classic
*Back by Request* Lord of the Forest - with essential oils
from 10 different kinds of trees.
Lavender- relaxing

We also carry 51 different high quality pure essential

Thanks for reading, we hope to see you soon.

With Blessings,

Emelia & Alex

13124 Highway 9
Boulder Creek, CA

Air and Fire is a Mystical Bazaar full of magical
creatures. It is inhabited by a wonderful variety of
fairies, dragons, gargoyles, mermaids, angels and more.
Crystals and stones line the shelves in a rainbow of
colors. You’ll find plenty of tools and accoutrements for
the Goddess in your life! We are delighted to feature the
beautiful artwork of over 30 very talented local Artists!
Local arts range from natural incense, jewelry, books,
music, boxes and prints, to one of a kind wood carvings and
original paintings. Find that unique gift for that special
someone in your life, young, old and young at heart will
not be disappointed! The shop carries an eclectic selection
of books and statues of Gods and Goddess from around the
Air and Fire also offers tarot readings and spiritual
consultations by appointment.