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Whats new at Air and Fire?...

Feb 1, 2004

Greetings Friend,
Some new batches of our natural soap are cured and ready
for indulgent use!
Mountain Magick is our latest soap. It is ritually prepared
and crafted on the Full Moon with infused mountain rain
waters, hempseed oil, comfrey and essential oils. This soap
has a nice lather, earthy somewhat masculine smell to it
and a smooth feel textured with comfrey leaf & root. The
magickal intent is grounding, centering, stability, nature
and earth oriented.
A new batch of Witchy Soap is ready, crafted the same as
usual on the Full Moon with specially charged waters,
rosemary and essential oils.
We have prepared more Love Soap with Emelia's Mulled Love
Wine & honey which will be ready the second week of
February. This soap usually goes quick, so pick up yours
We are preparing gift baskets and are fully stocked on
Emelia's Love Potion and handcrafted, handpainted essential
oil elemental spell candles and more!
We have new books! Planetary almanacs, 2004 Sun Sign books,
Herbal Almanacs, Moon Signs calendar and many more Pagan
books by authors such as Silver Ravenwolf and R.J Stewart.
Come see many new unique locally made crafts & jewelry as
well as arts from around the globe and a wider variety of
February 14th and 15th Air and Fire will be at Pantheacon
(a large pagan conference) sharing a booth with Community
Seed. The store will be closed on this weekend.
For this event, Air and Fire will be donating 5% of our
proceeds to Community Seed, a non-profit community
For more info on PantheaCon visit:
For more info on Community Seed visit:
Air & Fire is closed on Mondays.
Friday Feb. 13th we will close early.
Tymn Urban of Community Seed will be doing tarot readings
Tuesday Feb. 3rd from 12:00 - 4:00 PM
Willow will be doing rune readings Wednesdays from 12:00 -
5:00 PM and by appointment.
Emelia does tarot readings & spiritual consultations
Thursdays - Sundays.
Store Closed on Mondays

Two-part course
Intro to Elder Futhark Runes
Wednesday's 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Rune Meditation and Magic
Wednesdays 7:15 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Advance fee
Both classes, eight weeks $75
Weekly fee (pay-as-you-go)
One class $10
Both classes $15

Please visit our website at for
more information on this class.

Sundays Air and Fire hosts Body, Mind & Spirit Night from
5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Our intent is to create a safe space
for healing ourselves, others and our mother earth. Emelia
and Jenny, Traditional Usui Reiki Practitioners of the
second level do healings on a donation basis (no one will
be denied a healing due to lack of funds). Sometimes we
will have other guest healers . All are welcome to come
with the awareness that this is a healing space. Spiritual
workers, pagans and healers of all types are encouraged to
come and collaborate for higher good with like minded
people. On occasion we may have a drum circle or other type
of activity on this night, please check our website for
details. Body, Mind and Spirit Night will be occurring
regularly Sunday evenings except Sunday Feb. 15th due to
With Love Peace and Abundant Blessings,

Air and Fire
13155 B Highway 9 (two doors south of New Leaf)
Boulder Creek, ca. 95006