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Mystical Update February 2006

Feb 2, 2006

In this issue:
Mystical Bazaar Update
Body Mind & Spirit Night
Air & Fire's Handcrafted Product Update
New Local Art

Mystical Bazaar Update
Winter hours: Tuesday-Saturday 11:00 - 5:30 p.m.
Sundays 11:00 - 5:00 p.m.
Closed on Mondays
We will also be closed February 5 - 12th and the 17th -

Happy Imbolc to you all! May the fires of creation warm you
through this last stretch of winter and prepare you for
spring. We will be closed next week as noted above.
Pantheacon is right around the corner and once again Air
and Fire will be at this wonderful event. This will be our
5th year as vendors and 9th year attending. Our store in
Boulder Creek will be closed during Pantheacon but you can
be sure to find us in the large merchant room. More
information on Pantheacon is listed below.

Pantheacon Feb. 17th - 20th
Pantheacon is an annual pagan convention held in San Jose
at the Double Tree Hotel. There is a long event list of
different workshops/classes/rituals/performances
simultaneously occurring which gives one much to choose
from. Many well known authors and respected individuals
will be presenting here. If you've never been to Pantheacon
we highly recommend attending to see for yourself. It is a
great place to learn about other traditions, make
meaningful connections and partake in merriment. There will
also be a huge room full of vendors and merchants selling
all kinds of magickal goodies.
For more information visit .

Body Mind and Spirit Night
Time: 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. Cost: $15

Sunday March 19th "Moon Magick 2"
In this class we will delve deeper into the lunar
mysteries. We will discuss the different moons of the year
and explore the more obscure yet powerful lunar occurrences
such as eclipses, blue moon's and black moon's. More on
tools, moon signs and astrological influences as they
relate to the moon's energy. We will discuss some lunar
deities and how to work with them.Throughout the class our
focus is on safely working our magicks in harmony with the
laws of nature to benefit ourselves and the universe. Being
in tune with the lunar forces offers a powerful boost to
all you put out into the world.
Prerequisite: Moon Magick 1 or solid understanding of the
basic lunation cycle.
Presented by Emelia
Space is limited, please RSVP asap.
Your name on our rsvp list means we are holding a spot just
for you.

A & F Handcrafted Products Update

The shop specialty is our own line of natural soaps,
candles, magickal oils, massage oils, aromatherapy mists
and potions made right here in Boulder Creek! We handcraft
these products at key solar & lunar times, working in
harmony with nature’s cycles to heighten their energies and
focus their specific intent. These are 100% natural, high
quality products that feel great!

We've made more soaps that will be ready when we re-open on
the 13th.

Mountain Magick - is back, made on the full moon with
comfrey leaf, infused rain waters and several essential
oils, a very magickal process to make, earth energy,
grounding, nourishing and connecting with nature.
Sea Goddess - with sea kelp and dulse, light ocean smell,
creamy soap lathers like sea foam, nice texture for skin
exfoliation. Use for the nourishing skin care ingredients
this soap offers, or for the healing energy imbedded into
each bar; this soap was made for my mother Yemaya the
Orisha whose home is the ocean.
Patchouli Hemp - Hempseed oil based soap with patchouli
essential oil, this is always a favorite to satisfy you
patchouli fiends.
Sage - A brand new soap packed with grandfather (white)
sage. Sage has been used for centuries by Native Americans
for cleansing oneself of negativity and for lifting
vibrations. We also believe that the sacred leaf and
essential oil (containing the life force) of the sage
plant, specially prepared in our soap, has a similar effect
when used with an open mind and clear intent.

New Local Art
Air and Fire is pleased to welcome the following Local
Artists into the Mystical Bazaar:

Michelle Waters - brings us two beautiful original
paintings: "Butterfly Effect" & "Spiraling through Time
#2". These are deep surreal paintings each with a
representation of a Goddess. We also have about a dozen of
her matted prints with Goddess, nature, animal spirit
themes. Michelle is very talented with the brush and has
done many beautiful paintings with deep meaning. She lives
here in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Pendulum Books - "Divination & Action" & "Divination & Joy"
are companion books with intuitive tools. These are great
books by local author Joan Rose Staffen w/ Shakti Wilson.
They teach a pendulum divination system with worksheets and
suggested questions that lead you to different charts to
pinpoint important areas. With the use of these intuitive
charts it is possible to achieve very detailed readings
with the pendulum.

Digital Art Cards - abstract art creations in several
different designs by Kevin Marshall of Kekuja.

For information on more local art featured at Air and Fire
see our local Art page.

Come and see... blessed be!

Emelia & Lobo

13155 B Highway 9 (two doors south of New Leaf Market)
Boulder Creek 831-338-7567

Air and Fire is a Mystical Bazaar full of magical
creatures. It is inhabited by a wonderful variety of
fairies, dragons, gargoyles, mermaids, angels and more.
Crystals and stones line the shelves in a rainbow of
colors. You’ll find plenty of tools and accoutrements for
the Goddess in your life! We are delighted to feature the
beautiful artwork of over 35 very talented local Artists!
Local arts range from natural incense, jewelry, books,
music, boxes and prints, to one of a kind wood carvings,
mosaics and original paintings. Find that unique gift for
that special someone in your life, young, old and young at
heart will not be disappointed! The shop carries an
eclectic selection of books and statues of Gods and Goddess
from around the world.
Air and Fire also offers tarot readings and spiritual