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July - August 2005

Jul 15, 2005


Hope you all are enjoying the heat summer has brought.
Happy Lammas/Lughnasadh! May you enjoy the fruits of the
first harvest.

Mystical Bazaar Update
New hours: Tuesday-Sunday 11:00 - 6:30 p.m.
*Sunday 11:00-5:00 p.m.
Beginning in August we will be closed on Mondays instead of
*We will be closed the 2nd and last Sunday of each month.

It is looking nicely stocked, we have more jewelry;
sterling silver pendants; rings; earrings, semi-precious
stone and crystal bracelets. We have more beautiful dragons
and collectables from Windstone Editions, an assortment of
Greek, Roman and Egyptian deity statues. We have a good
selection of massage healing wands in selenite, fluorite,
rose quartz and quartz, these really work great. Once
again, Air and Fire has welcomed more local art into the
Mystical Bazaar. We are pleased to promote the following
individuals and the magick they weave into this world...

Dragon Moon Incense- locally handcrafted with the finest
whole herbs, spices and natural resins. Hand rolled cones
or loose powders for charcoal burning. Available in a
variety of scents that are magickally charged to reflect
the characteristics of each name.

Sarah Shaver- of Boulder Creek Farm has created some very
interesting art peices. We have 3 Goat skulls mounted on
wood plaques, decorated with semiprecious stones and
accented with the Hammer of Thor. "Spirit of the Goat" with
red jasper and amber, "Mysterious Oracle" with black onyx
and red tasseled horns, "Warrior Goat" silver with amber
stones. She also made us a 12" frame drum stretched with
goat skin, that comes with a rabbit fir topped wood mallet.

Song of the Sea- New C.D. by Sharon Knight Band, "an
otherworldly blend of Celtic traditional and original songs
featuring soulful Celtic vocals and mythical themes, set in
a lush instrumental tapestry of mandola, mandocello,
violin, acoustic and electric guitar, Uilleann pipes,
whistles, piano, keyboards and percussion." The band will
be performing at Don Quixote's International Music Hall in
Felton on Thurs. Sept. 1st. Visit for more details.

Raven Art- We have another powerful untitled original
painting by the talented Raven. Elemental colors ripe with
emotion form woman and dragon. This painting evokes
feelings of deep strength and inner beauty. Signed prints
are also available.

Carrie A. Correa- original 32 x 32 exquisitely blended oil
painting titled "Awaiting". It is about a woman waiting
for her lover to return from his sea voyage. In her arms
she holds a vessel. Her long dress merges with the land as
she stands gazing at the sea, while fairy lights twinkle in
a near by tree. Canvas on handmade redwood stretcher bars.

Monika Livingstone- more of her fantastic dragon, fairy and
other mystical prints, cards and magnets are now in stock.
We have a couple of Monika's framed original oil paintings
on stone with feathers.

New Drum- Unique shako bass drum handmade by Josh of
Boulder Creek, from recycled redwood, with a 14" adjustable
goatskin head.

Kayla Rose- has brought us handcrafted sacred pentagrams,
laminated Alter Ego quotes, paper fancies ornaments, 7-day
candles by Romantic Notions, painted velvet pouches, Willow
Moon love sachets, and more...

Bracelet & Earring boxed sets- Made by Michele of Boulder
Creek with silver and a variety of crystals & semi-precious
stones on sturdy stretch band. They make very nice
affordable gifts.

The Mystical Bazaar is full of mystical creatures like
fairies, dragons, gargoyles, mermaids, angels and pieces to
portray the wisdom of the ages. We have the artwork of over
30 very talented local artists! From incense, jewelry and
prints to wood carvings, masks and original paintings. We
handcraft our own line of natural soaps, candles, magickal
oils and potions... and we carry aromatherapy supplies too.
Pagan books, crystals and statues of Gods and Goddess from
around the world. We offer classes, tarot readings and
spiritual consultations. Come and see... blessed be!

A&F Handcrafted Products Update

We craft an array of aromatherapy mists to cool you,
potions to tantalize you, massage oils to relieve you,
magickal oils to enhance you, natural soaps to cleanse
you... and provide essential oils to delight you.

Hemp soaps
We use organic food grade hemp seed oil because it's
unrefined and pressed from viable (non-sterilized) seeds.
Hemp seed oil is one of the world's richest sources of
polyunsaturated fats, including the essential fatty acids
(Omega 3 and Omega 6) and GLA (gamma Linolenic acid), which
make it an excellent natural emollient and moisturizer.
All of our hemp soaps produce a rich fluffy lather.

Now Ready!!

Patchouli Hemp Soap - this has been a favorite for many
with patchouli essential oil combined with the nutty aroma
of hemp seeds.

Sea Goddess Soap - A cleansing and nourishing soap with a
light natural ocean smell. She contains 2 kinds of sea
kelps which create wonderful exfoliating effects that feel
like gentle kisses on your skin from the Goddess of the

Lord of the Forest Soap - a refreshing and charging soap
consecrated with essential oils from the forests. Use to
connect to the primal nature of the Lord of the Forest and
the rhythm within the lands our ancestors walked.

Minty Hemp Soap - A long requested soap we finally got
around to making. With spearmint and peppermint essential
oils and more mint for texture. Shower with Minty Hemp soap
on a hot summer day to cool you down.

Crafted on the full moon and just finished curing:
Witchy Soap
Rosemary-lime Soap

Also in stock:
Love Soap
Lemon Heaven

More Happy, Goat milk & Cinnamon Clove soaps will be ready

Made with all natural ingredients from Mother Earth.
* No animal fats, only fruit and vegetable oils
* No synthetic fragrances, only pure essential oils
*No synthetic colorants, only natural sources like herbs &

All of our handcrafted natural soaps are made and packaged
in Boulder Creek.
Made with Love

Thanks for reading,

Emelia & Lobo

13155 B Highway 9 (two doors south of New Leaf Market)
Boulder Creek 831-338-7567