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Mystical Update

Aug 8, 2004

Greetings Friends!

We want to touch base with all of you and let you know
what's going on at Air and Fire.
First, Air and Fire is hosting Body , Mind and Spirit night
on a regular basis. The intent of this night is to provide
a space for learning and sharing in a no pressure
environment. It is perfectly all-right if you are merely
curious about a particular topic. Please contact us if
there is a particular workshop you are interested in seeing
here at Air and Fire or if you are interested in sharing
some knowledge or experience in a workshop. The schedule
for August is noted below.

Body Mind & Spirit Night
Sundays 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. Cost $5 - $10 Sliding

August 8th "Candle Magick"
We will explore different types of candles, colors,
dressing, preparing, and charging candles with intent.
Presented by Jenny and Emelia

August 22nd "Numerology"
A Presentation on the Vibrations of the Numbers in a Name.
Presented by Galen Du Puis of Wreathwood Circle

Air and Fire is pleased to announce the following upcoming

Natural Magick: Introduction to the craft

This seven week course will be presented by Jt'e Argent (
We meet once a week). This course begins September11th and
will run through October 16th.The classes will be held
weekend mornings at Air and Fire from 10:30-12:30.

Elder Futhark Runes
Explore these ancientsymbols of magic and mystery!
This nine week course will be presented by Willow ( we meet
once a week). This course will begin October 13th and will
run through December 8th. The classes will be held
Wednesday evenings at Air and Fire from 6:30-8:30

Please contact us for additional details or questions you
may have at or visit our website and
check our event overview.

Air and Fire carries an eclectic selection of pagan books,
jewelry, art, oils and candles.
Pick up your latest issue of Community Seed and Reclaiming
quarterlies here.

We are located at 13155 B Highway 9, two doors south of New
Leaf Market in Boulder Creek.

Your feedback is welcome at Air and Fire !
Visit our website at or call Air and
Fire @ 831-338-7567.


Alex (Lobo) and Emelia