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Mystical Update

Oct 2, 2004

Greetings Friends,

One of our favorite seasons is here and Halloween is just
around the corner... we are so excited!

We've crafted some new soaps up that are freshly cured and
ready to use now.
Our new soaps were specially brewed under a bright Full
Moon with lots of love and care.
As always, they are 100% natural from the light green color
to the pure essential oils, made with a yummy, certified
organic hemp seed oil pressed from viable seeds. We've
spared no cost to make these lavishly delicious. They
lather up to a zillion tiny bubbles with a rich, smooth
texture that leaves the skin feeling so soft. We have four
kinds available: Hemp, Patchouli Hemp, Green Tea Hemp
(exfoliating) and our newest edition Sea Goddess with Sea

We have plenty of our uniquely crafted aromatherapy mists
and spiritual cleansers on hand. We have prepared more of
our mystical Magickal Oils so we don't run out this month.
We've pumped up our variety of 7-day candles and we offer
to dress them for free. We have new cologne floral waters
in rue, patchouli, rose, lavender and florida for those of
you who make your own concoctions.

We have wonderful arts and crafts from over 25 different
Local Artists!
New * Dragon Moon Incense magickally crafted here in
Boulder Creek with the finest whole herbs, spices and
natural resins.

Air and Fire will be open Halloween bring your young ones
to down town Boulder Creek for safe trick or treating at
the shops from 6: 00 - 8:00 and stop by to say Boo.

Get your Spiral Dance tickets at Air and Fire (more details

Rune classes with Willow begins next week.
Come explore these ancient symbols of magic and Mystery!
Two-part course:
1. Intro to Runes and Rune Meditation
2. Intro to ancient Norse Deities and philosophy
9 Week course Wednesdays October 13th - Dec. 8th from 6:30
- 8:30 PM at Air and Fire
We still have space left so if you've been thinking of
signing up for this course now is the time for that.
Pre-registration is encouraged but not required. Advance
fee $90.00 or Pay by week $15.00

for more details visit:

Body Mind & Spirit Night

at Air and Fire
Sundays 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. Cost $5 - $10

October 17th "Honoring our Ancestors"

We will discuss the importance and rewards of honoring our
Ancestors and Beloved Dead. We will share some methods
which have been passed down to us from our elders in a
Spiritist tradition and from personal experience.
Presented by Lobo & Emelia

October 24 "Halloween & Samhain"

We will discuss the origins of some Halloween customs used
today as well as Day of the Dead, All Saints Day and
Samhain. Through guided visualization we will explore the
nature of the energies abound this season and how they
relate to the cycle of life. We will use animal totems to
tune in and prepare ourselves for necessary transformations
in our dance through life. Presented by Jennifer & Emelia

November 7th "Underworld"

Join us for an enchanting evening full of tales of the old
Gods and Goddess of the Underworld. Explore the mystery of
this dark time of the year and how it relates to us. Take a
journey guided by visualization into the darkness of the
Underworld and uncover tools to help you on your spiritual
progression into the light. Presented by Jennifer & Emelia

November 21st "Past Lives"

Ever have memories of things you can't explain or felt like
you've been here before? Have you ever met someone for the
first time and have a strong feeling you already know them?
Come explore some of your soul's patterns. Discover how to
access these memories by delving into the subconscious mind
to help you gain a deeper understanding of who you are
today. Whether you are just curious about the subject or
have solid facts, join us for a evening of discussion and
exploration as we begin to travel the threads of the web of
life. Lead by Jennifer Arnold CHT, a professional
Hypnotherapist specializing in Past life Regression.
Our intent is to create a safe space in a relaxed
atmosphere for learning, sharing, healing ourselves and our
mother earth.
Please bring an open heart and open mind. Blessings!!

Get your Spiral Dance tickets at Air and Fire.
Reclaiming presents The 25th Silver Anniversary of The
Spiral Dance
a ritual to honor our beloved dead and dance the spiral of
rebirth Saturday October 30th in San Francisco. Doors open
at 6:30 Ritual at 7:30. Admission is $15 to $50 sliding
scale. For more information and directions visit or call:
Spiral Dance Hotline 415-820-3238

Air and Fire is open Tues. - Sunday 11:00 - 6:30 closed on
Some services we offer: Tarot Readings, Spiritual
Consultations, Rune Readings, Reiki with laying on of
stones all available by appointment 831-338-7567.
Air and Fire wants to say thank you for your support.
Blessed Be!

Emelia & Lobo

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