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White Magick Soap

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White Magick Soap is a spiritual cleanse to wash off not only sweat and dirt, but negativity, stress, jinxes & bad juju to promoting clarity and coat one with a layer of protection, it is a 9 day working and can have a very powerful effect. Instructions are on the bar.

It is based off of a White Bath for spiritual cleansing with roots in African spirituality. The preparation of a White Bath was passed down to me 20+ years ago by my spiritual teacher an elder in the tradition. I make these baths for myself or specifically for an individual when called to do so. White Magick Soap is my version of a White Bath adapted in the form of a soap. Since it is not custom made for each individual as the White Bath is, it allows me to spread the love wider, quicker and more cost effective for those in need of this service. If the instructions that it come with it are followed and one works with the intent it is quite effective in its purpose. I still recommend the traditional white Bath when one can do it.

I use fragrant white roses from Maura’s garden, the petals are dried and ground into a powder. Goats milk is traditional main ingredient for this bath as is Florida water. Goats milk is full of fats and nutrients which make it highly beneficial to the skin and hair. It is known to help dry skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and is even said to contain anti-aging properties.

We also add cocoa butter which adds a moisturizing thickening creamy texture to the soap, lather, helps reduce stretch marks and amplifies those wonderful benefits mentioned about goats milk for the skin and hair.
Many people use this soap from head to toe during the cleansing process, I do love it on my hair but if you don’t need extra moisturizing to your hair for the purpose of the working it can be used from the neck down.

Yes this soap has and can be used as a regular bar of soap, nothing bad will be the direct result because you didn’t use it for 9 days straight. You’ll get all the great hair and skin care benefits but just won’t be receiving all the blessings to it’s potential.

People seek out this soap from near and far cause they know or have been told of it, but I don’t always have it in stock as I do right now (busy mama I can’t always keep up) so get yours quick.
Let our soap dry out on a good soap holder between uses and it will last a long time. Leave it in a puddle of water and it will go fast, this is an all natural product gentle on the environment and you. Not going to rush a good thing... our soaps are hand stirred and cured the old fashion way... time. These will have cured about a moon cycle before they leave our racks, and they are worth the wait.

Recommended usage for White Magick Soap: Create a nice lather and starting at your head (good for your hair too) work your way down rubbing lightly, but completely covering your body all the way down to your toes. Do this while visualizing negativity and unwanted energies being lifted off of you, see it being pulled into the suds. Rinse with cool water and watch the suds slide off and away taking negativity and unwanted energies with it, off of you, out of your space and down the drain. Then visualize a layer of protection all around your body, and extend it out to your aura (energy field about 1-2 ft. surrounding the body). Repeat the process for nine consecutive days. Energy flows where attention goes. May also be used in conjunction with a White Bath