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Lemon Heaven Soap

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Visually, the first thing you notice when you see this soap is the bright yellow color invoking a sunny disposition. We derive its color from an annatto seed infusion we start 30 - 90 days prior to soap crafting. The mature infusion appears deep red as seen in the upper left photo.

The next thing you notice when holding an open bar in your hands is the undeniable sweet lemony smell. A balance of 2 ingredients derived from plants often used in cooking food contribute their smell to this soap. Lemon oil which is cold pressed from the fruits peel and lemongrass essential oil steam distilled from the plants stalk. These essential oils have components that are astringent, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-biotic, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory! They help prevent wrinkles, acne and brighten the skin, hair and reduce dandruff. These same oils also help to relieve stress, tension and depression by promoting an uplifting, energizing, positive mood.

Next we’ve included Myers lemons from Maura’s garden. These are sweet smelling lemons. The peels have been dried and ground into a powder providing speckles of color, gentle exfoliation and are a fixative sealed into the soap. Since this soap contains citrus it has potential to irritate sensitive skin. 

Whether you use this soap to clean and fight off germs, for beauty of skin and hair, clarifying the complexion, or for an aromatherapy bathing experience to shift a mood and relieve stress it’s all good.

We specialize in making all natural products. Our soaps should be left to dry on a good soap dish uplifted from puddles of water in between uses to last a long time. They are gentle on the environment and you. These will have cured about a moon cycle before they leave our racks, and they are worth the wait. 

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