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Grounding Soap

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It has been over a year since we last made this soap, it has been requested and we finally manifested some more. This soap is Blessed! It has a wonderfully deep earthy smell with patchouli, vetiver and balsam of peru. This is the same blend of essential oils that we use in our Grounding Mist.

We have added bentonite clay for enhanced grounding properties and its wonderful benefit to skin care. Bentonite clay forms in the earth from volcanic ash, it's anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Being highly absorbent, it removes toxins from the skin, helping to calm breakouts, acne and even to treat diaper rash.

Patchouli is good for all types of skin, it speeds healing of wounds, breaks up cellulite and provides rejuvenation. The scent is grounding, calming, mood balancing and may stimulate the release of pleasure hormones such as serotonin and dopamine.

We use vetiver essential oil steam distilled from the roots of the tropical grass in Haiti. We are drawing upon its deep, earthy grounding properties to reduce anxiety, stress, grief, anger, depression and emotional tension. It is also used to sooth sore joints, reduce headaches, repeal insects and improve sleep. Vetiver oil can also diminish scars, prevent acne and even out the skin tone. It can help to improve blood circulation and relieve itching and dandruff.

Balsam of Peru on its own has a deep, rich, woody, vanilla like aroma. When blended with the other essential oils it adds a stabilizing, inviting layer to the grounding effect. Balsam of Peru is known to promote creativity, attract wealth and provide relief from mental afflictions. It helps promote hormonal shifts to reduce stress and calm down. It used to speed wound healing, treat infections and assist all kinds of skin conditions. It is said to be anti-aging due to it's anti-oxidant components shielding the skin from UV rays that can damage skin cells and contribute to wrinkles, sun spots and aging. 

Use our Grounding soap on your face, hair and all over your body.... may the blessings flow.