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Our Greenman Soap is a specialty all natural soap. We use essential oils from 11 different species of trees that lend both their aroma and energy to this unique blend. It Smells refreshing, green and woodsy with a deep grounding undertone. The energy is masculine, nature and growth oriented. Use this soap before going a walk in nature and tune into the green world around you. Alternately, use this soap when you can't go on that nature walk and seek to connect to the primal energy of nature through visualization. For those who like to get in touch with their own wild nature.

Next we take Oakmoss Evernia Prunastri which is sought after in the perfume industry and grind it almost to a powder that feels somewhat silky. We add this to our Greenman Soap at the trace and you can see spots of it in the finished bars and feel the texture it adds. In our soap it acts like a fixative for all those essential oils. Oakmoss has been found in tombs and was even used in the mumification process in ancient Egypt.

Spirulina is the wonderful herb that gives it the deep green color that will slowly fade with time, but it also comes with an abundance of great skin and hair care benefits. It is loaded with vitamins, minerals and proteins. It is anti-bacterial helping to reduce acne and breakouts and also helps skin heal faster. It is said to be anti-aging because it contains elements that slow the aging of skin cells. Antioxidants in spirulina also help eliminate toxins and free radicals which can prevent wrinkles. Did you know that spirulina also helps hair grow faster and prevents baldness?

The Greenman is ancient and represents the spirit of nature. He symbolizes the cycle of life, death and rebirth as seen in the changing seasons. He echoes the human connection to plant kingdom and natural world around us. Images of him can be found on buildings throughout old Europe and he appears in famous cathedrals and churches although his Pagan roots pre-date Christianity.

All of our soaps are free of sulfates, gentle on the environment and on you. Let your soap dry out on a good soap dish between uses and it will last a long time. Our soaps are hand stirred and cured the old fashion way... time. These will have cured about a moon cycle before they are used and they are worth the wait.

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