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Flower Power *Brand New*

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This is a brand new soap that will be done curing just in time for Beltane (May Day)!
Inspired by the alluring fragrance and beauty of flowers. Flowers have the ability to bring smiles, shift moods, and send messages without words. Our Flower Power Soap includes jasmine, rose, lilac, chamomile, yarrow, lavender & elder flowers picked in bloom and dried. We powder the flowers and create a sun oil infusion set for 10 weeks slowly extracting the properties and then we make soap with it. 

Floral essential oils such as ylang ylang, lavender and rose absolute are included to boost fragrance and skin healing benefits along with the flower petals and oil infusion. The combination creates a synergy both energetically and for skin benefits. 

The ingredients contain nutrients and antioxidants along with anti-fungal, anti-bacterial anti-microbial and antiseptic properties. These plants are used to improve the complexion, sooth, heal, strengthen and regenerate skin.  Contributing astringency, balancing out hydration, reducing acne, soothing inflammation, itching and dandruff.   

These flowers are known to have powerful magical properties as well as folkloric uses. Jasmine flowers to attract love, draw wealth and induce prophetic dreams. Rose petals are an aphrodisiac that help to heal the emotions and promoting romance and beauty. Lilac flowers to drive away malevolent entities and bring good fortune. Chamomile is used to attract money as well as induce relaxation and meditation. Yarrow for courage, protection and attracting friends. Lavender for peace, happiness, longevity and alleviating depression. Elder flower to ward off attacks, attract fairies, nature spirits and promote good luck. You can see and feel the texture of these lovely flowers in the soap. 

We specialize in making all natural products. Our soaps should be left to dry on a good soap dish uplifted from puddles of water in between uses to last a long time. They are gentle on the environment and you. Our soaps are hand stirred and cured the old fashion way... time. These will have cured almost a moon cycle before they are ready.