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9 Magickal Herb Soap

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That's Right! Packed with 9 magickal herbs for an all around special blessing soap.

Bathe yourself with the blessings of herbal allies the ancestors have used for centuries to promote good luck, love, health, prosperity, protection, courage, purification, peace and healing.
This soap is packed with herbs so you’ll feel the gritty texture wherever it’s used. And it can be used from head to toe.
Each soap comes labeled with the ingredients. We are proud of the high quality ingredients used. They are not the cheap oils with lesser benefits to the bar, skin and hair. We do not compromise on quality yet try to keep our soap affordable over the last 20 years because we love the craft and know it counts.

Not only do these herbs have numerous skin care benefits, but some powerful magick. There are essential oils of patchouli & cedar wood atlas.

Patchouli: Prosperity & Grounding
Rosemary: Love, Purification & Healing
Cinquefoil (five finger grass):  Love, Money, Health, Power & Wisdom.
Yarrow: Long Love & Courage
Elder: Sacred Tree, protection
Vervain: Good Luck, Peace, Protection, Purification
St John's Wort: Health, Divination
Roses: Love, Healing, Calming
Mullein: Courage, Protection & Health 


All the herbs we use are wildcrafted or organic. Our soaps are hand stirred and cured the old fashion way... time. These will have cured about a moon cycle before they leave our racks, and they are worth the wait.