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9 Magickal Herb Soap

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That's Right! Packed with 9 magickal herbs for an all around special blessing soap.

The 9 herbs are: patchouli, rosemary, cinquefoil, yarrow, elder, vervain, st. John's wort, roses, & mullein. Not only do these herbs have skin care benefits, but the magick is powerful. More on this below. Essential oils: patchouli & cedarwood atlas

Patchouli: Prosperity & Grounding
Rosemary: Love, Purification & Healing
Cinquefoil (five finger grass):  Love, Money, Health, Power & Wisdom.
Yarrow: Long Love & Courage
Elder: Sacred Tree, protection
Vervain: Good Luck, Peace, Protection, Purification
St John's Wort: Health, Divination
Roses: Love, Healing, Calming
Mullein: Courage, Protection & Health