CD's & DVD's

Pandemonaeon Dangerous Beauty


Moon Lovers

A sweetly melodic CD with enchanting vocals.


Songs for the Strengthening Sun


Songs of the Wanning Year

by Sharon Knight & T. Thorn Coyle

A collection of 22 powerful chants to celebrate the dark time of the year.

This is a great collaberative work from two amazing musicians.

The chants are meaningful and magickal. The rythems make you want to move your body and flow with the current.  


Devotional Dance DVD

Sacred movements for meditation and transformation by T. Thorn Coyle




with Sharon Knight and Winter

Tribal Trance Rock wonderful songs full of emotion.


Song of the Sea

An otherworldly blend of Celtic traditional and original songs featuring souldful Celtic volcals and mythical themes, set in a lush instrumental tapestry of mandola, madocello, violin, acoustic and electric guitar, uilleann pipes, whistles, piano, keyboards and percussion.


Incantations by Sharon Knight

CD by Sharon Knight with 10 great songs 


Temple of Dreams Live

Sharon Knight and Pandemonaeon

Temple of Dreams - recorded live!