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White Sage Wand

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Our white sage is grown on Madre Grande Monestary and ethically harvested with love by those who tend to the sacred site.

Smudging is a simple ritual whenever you feel the need to cleanse, balance or purify yourself, space, crystals or tools. To use light one end of the wand and blow out the flame, and the sage will smolder and burn. Use your hand or a smudge fan to gather and spread the aromatic smoke over yourself, space or object you are cleansing. Hold over a cauldron, shell, bowl or plate to prevent ashes from dropping. As the sacred smoke surrounds you it lifts away negative vibes and clears the space. Burning sage with intention is said to invite spirit guides and ancestors to assist in this work. Once you are done let it burn out on its own or extinguish in sand or loose earth. You may use any remaining part of your wand at another time.

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