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Palo Santo 1 stick

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Palo Santo means Holy Wood and is native to Central and South America. The aromatic wood has been traditionally used by indigenous people in sacred practices for centuries. Burning the wood is said to cleanse away evil spirits and misfortune while attracting balance, positivity and healing on a physical and spiritual level. 

To burn this aromatic wood is often called smudging. Use your intent to call upon the spirit of the plant to assist with the work. Light a stick for a few moments and blow out the flame. Let the smoke drift over you, your space or the object you are cleansing you can use your hand or a smudge fan to assist with this. Hold it over a fire resistant, holder, plate, shell, bowl or cauldron to catch any falling embers. If it goes out before you are done, relight until you have finished cleansing. Thank the plant and any spirits who have assisted and enjoy the effects.

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