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Charcoal roll of tablets

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One roll of 10 charcoal tablets. Use to burn incense resins, powders and other raw incense. Great for experimenting with scent combinations. In addition to the resins and incense powders we offer try a pinch of dried rosemary, sage or lavender from your garden and sprinkle some cinnamon or other spices on top, this can be fun.

To use carefully light one disk and set to burn in a charcoal burner, cauldron or other safe fire resistant place and be careful it will get hot. Once the coal turns white put a little at a time of your chosen incense on top.

We find once you open a roll that storing the unused charcoal roll in a ziplock bag will prolong the life of your charcoal, especial if you live in a humid environment.

You will receive either Three Kings or Swift-Lite brand charcoal (depending on stock).