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Bacchus was the Roman name given to the God of Wine and Ecstasy, whom the Greeks knew as Dionysus.
Though He is credited with discovering grapes and the art of winemaking, Dionysus was the God of more than Wine. He is the god of the wilds not the wilds of visible nature where Artemis reigns, but the wilds that extend so far and smile so deep in the secret regions of the human personality.

Within the heart of the worship of Dionysus lies the recognition of humanity's need for occasional release from the bonds of custom and respectability. He represents a permanent human force; and yet a force that every age and culture seeks, if not to suppress, to channel and contain. This urge to "let oneself go" is no bad thing, so long as we are aware of it; but to resist and deny Dionysus and the wild side is to reject joy and often such a rejection incurs sad consequences. So many of the stories of Dionysus are about how various people denied His Godhood and met an unhappy Fate.
-Morning Glory Zell

The original was sculptedby Oberon Zell. This statue is 6" diameter