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Dragons Blood Extract 5 ml.

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Dragons Blood Extract

croton lechleri

South America

Dragon's blood is a resin extracted from a number of different species of trees with red sap. We are using the resin and sap extracted from the Croton Lecheri tree native to South America. In Spanish it is referred to as Sangre De Drago (Blood of the Dragon). This special tree has been used by native people for centuries for it's would healing properties. It is used to stop bleeding, reduce inflammation, clean wounds and speed healing. It boosts collagen in the skin and helps minimize wrinkles giving a youthful appearance. Dragon's blood is also known to heal scars or lessen their appearance. It is now being used in some high end facial products since cosmetic manufacturers more recently discovered its amazing properties.

Dragon's blood is antiviral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. It is often used internally for a number of digestive issues and for expelling parasites. Some even say it it shrinks tumors and is anti-cancer.
Dragon's blood resin is often burned as incense for numerous magical and spiritual benefits. We also carry it in sticks, cones and raw resin to be burned on charcoal. It can add strength and potency to any working. It is used for protection, to summon spirits and boost passion in love spells. It can also be used to cleanse, in exorcisms, to banish evil and break spells.