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Moldavite aka genuine Czech impact glass is a tektite said to have been formed from the crash of a large meteorite that landed in the Czech Republic aproximately 14.8 million years ago leaving glassy green moldavites strewn throughout the area. The tremendous force of the impact is said to have enough heat to vaporize rock. Moldavite is considered to be a rare and valuable gemstone.

Moldavite carries with it much lore as well as ancient history as a spiritual talisman dating back at least 25,000 years to the Neolithic people of Eastern Europe. One of the earliest known goddess statues "Venus of Wilendorf" was discovered in an archeolgical digging site that contained a number of moldavite amulets. Some even consider moldavite to be a relic of the legend of The Holy Grail. In Czech history moldavite was a traditional betrothal gift as it was believed to bring harmony to marital relations.  

Moldavite is a stone of transformation, revelations and spiritual awakening. It is a powerful aid to meditation, visions and dream work. It increases sensitivity and awareness to ones higher self, discernment and inner spiritual guidance. It can activate all the chakras as well as the kundalini and stimulate self healing on multiple levels. 

Moldavite has a reputation to bring massive transformation and change on all levels. It is well known to connect with high frequency vibrations that may disconnect you from unhealthy attachments and magnetize people and situations into your life that bring evolutionary progress. Examine the roots of the issues that come up and move through it with grace. It's effects can range from mild to intense depending on the one working with it. Keeping the stone in ones auric field such as wearing it in jewelry can strengthen its effects and increase beneficial sychronicities in ones life. For those already sensitive to energy it is advised to start out slow meditating and wearing the stone and increase duration and frequency with time. 

References from "The book of Stones" by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian

This is for 1 piece of genuine moldavite about 5-10mm in size.