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Pyrite, Small Cubed or Octahedral

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Stone: Pyrite, Small Cubes. and Octahedrals Crystal

Color: Shades of metallic gold


 Assistance: Pyrite is also known as fools gold, the origin of it's name is derived from the Greek word for fire. It's beautiful golden reflections reminds one of the sun and it's energy matches as well. Pyrite increases creativity, will, confidence, creativity and mental altertness while enhancing masculine energy for both male and females. Pyrite is used for manifesting all forms of prosperity. Charge up your pyrite in the vibrant sun for a special boost. Useful in spells and rituals of money drawing, healing and bring prosperity to the home, business, and your personal life. 


 Chakra: Solar Plexus


 Amount/Size: 1 hand-picked stone about .5" in size