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The Pagan Book of Living and Dying

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Practical Rituals, Prayers, Blessings and Meditations on Crossing Over.
Written by M. Macha Nightmare, Starhawk & the Reclaiming Collective.

"Alison made a specific request in the last month of
her life. We talked of her passing together and she
said that she wanted her friends to use "The Pagan
Book of Living and Dying" to help them cope with her
death.  Alison had much respect and admiration for the
book and it's authors.  She asked Air & Fire and the
Sacred Grove to order many copies of it, so that all
her friends would have access to the wisdom it holds."

"I have found it very helpful and will continue to open
it and read a bit whenever I feel loss overwhelm me."

"Alison told me that she had "the easy job" and I am
sure most of us know what that makes our job.  She
wanted it to be "not so hard", as usual, she was
thinking of her community and loving us."

J'té Argent