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Donemer’s Music: The Cunning Sister Arises

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Book 2 in the Author’s Fantasy fiction book series entitled Donemere's Music. Written by Cheryl A. Gross 395 pages Donemere Saunders must soon meet her destiny, a destiny she sees more clearly with each passing day. But first she must free her friends from captivity and find a way to defeat Valledai in battle. Through the trials the gods set for her, Donnie learns to relinquish her fears so that she is prepared to wield the immense magical power that Fate has in store for her. But can she be ready to take on that responsibility before it’s too late? “This second book was published in August of 2017 and I am currently hard at work on the third book. The series chronicles the story of a modern woman named Donemere Saunders, who becomes a powerful witch in an ancient world, and the subsequent adventures of Donnie and her friends. The story is told with humor and reverence for my characters and for magic. There are some pretty cool magical spells included too.”