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Below votive in glass

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Below votive candles in glass are made with natural soy wax and natural fiber wicks on the dark moon, blessed and charged with blood cedarwood essentail oil.
Burn time 15 - 20 hours


The Below candles draw upon the energies of the deep earth and promotes balance. It is effective for focus of shielding and protection. It can be used to reveal the unseen, root cause and promote access to the deep or hidden, especially that which lies within. Perfect for shadow work; looking at parts of ourselves that may have been suppressed, rejected or pushed away. The work is to accept our shadow  or dark aspects as part of ourselves, transforming the energy it holds and, how we feel about it and how it effects us. Through this process we transform self demons into allies. 

This candle can also help us tap into pure potential that lies latent beneath the surface. With this knowledge we can recognize the seed of manifestation that hasn’t yet taken form and assess how we might fertilize it for our benefit. The Below Candle can be used for underworld workings, to access the River of Blood and ones ancestors of spirit or blood to draw upon their wisdom. It represents the position of Below when working with the 7 directions or the Guardians of the Feri Tradition. The Fire in the Earth is found here. We also use this in devotional practices for a Dark God or Goddess Candle or simply to focus the energy of the waning and dark moon also applies. 

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