Wednesday, June 26, 2024

05:30 PM  
Dream Yoga

Class Days and Times:
Wednesday Evenings from 5:30pm-7pm $30 per class or $135 for 5-pack to be used withing 60 days of purchase.

DREAM Yoga is a 90 minute embodied educational experience with the intention of investigating our connection to our sleeping and waking dreams. Additionally we want this practice to embody itself into the physical, so we will move towards regulating ourselves in preparation for sleep and dream state.
My intention for this class is to connect you to your creative/soul-based nature by working with the yoga of dreams. We will utilize many practices and concepts such as: Yogic Philosophy, Jungian Dreamwork Practices and Philosophy, Indigenous Dream Concepts, Storytelling, the Tarot and Oracle Cards as tools to begin to deepen your intuition and ongoing reconnection with your soul. Additionally, you will occasionally do dreamwork with your classmates through guided partner and group practices, journaling experiences and active listening. Note that permission is key in my classes and you always have a choice of what you wish to participate in or not.
Yoga means to "yoke" or bring together. Dream Yoga is living yoga; yoking together our dream and waking states so that we can see the world through a more magical, embodied and loving lens. In the Tibetan Dream Yoga practice, this is understanding how we can cultivate Right Thought so that we can create Right Action in our lives. This leads to Right Dream and ultimately, Right Bardo. In other words, when we heal our wounded mind, we can show up in the world more fully in love. When we do this, our dreams shift and gift us more understanding of what our true nature is. This in turn, can lead us to a conscious transition from this life to the next.
This class will be unique each time but will always begin with clearing, grounding and meditation followed by a lesson/practice, and closed out with a deep Nidra or Shamanic journey-based meditation to close the space. Some light somatic-based movement will be integrated into most classes and is suitable for all humans.
You will learn about how to begin to work with your dreams and as well as grasp a foundational concept of Dream Yoga.
My hope is that you leave this class with a regulated nervous system and a feeling of a deeper connection to your community, your dreams and your soul as you head home and drift into the magical realm of dreams.
This class is suitable for all levels and a perfect addition to anyone doing WILD Dreamwork with me!
Recommended props: Dream journal, mat, block, strap, bolster/pillow, eye pillow, blanket.
Bio: Niki Serafina Lúz Jaimes
Niki is the Founder of the Rising Wolf Collective — a collective of exploration dedicated to empowerment alchemy through: personal coaching, dream therapy, business and marketing consulting, dream yoga and meditation education.
As a professionally certified Dreamworker, Yoga Instructor and Meditation Instructor as well as a Writer and Educator, Niki is passionate about empowering her students and clients to find a home within themselves by reconnecting to their bodies and reclaiming their soul. She finds her power through prayer and nature, and so, she brings ritual into all aspects of her being and her work.
Niki has been a branding and marketing specialist for over 20 years, which has lended itself to becoming an soul-based Business and Marketing Consultant. She works with all kinds of humans, from large-scale corporations to individuals who are seeking a deeper connection to how they choose to build their expression in this world. All of this work is also deeply embedded with dreamwork practices.
Her mission is to continue to help herself and others become empowered, sovereign and loving human beings that embody their experience on this Earth with joy and authenticity. To help us all befriend the dark so we can step fully into our light.
You can find Niki's teaching experiences below:
Dream Yoga, Mondays from 7:30-9pm at Pleasure Point Yoga
Coming in May 2024: Dream Yoga, Wednesdays from 5:30-7pm at Air and Fire
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