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Bracelets > Smokey Quartz & African Turquoise Charm Bracelet
Smokey Quartz & African Turquoise Charm Bracelet

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8mm beads of smokey quartz and African turquoise with a dream catcher charm.
African turquoise is a stone of evolution encouraging positive growth and changes. When worn it is said to slowly awaken forgotten paths in your life and build upon existing groundwork in your mind or body for positive transformation moving forward. Smokey quartz has a protective grounding energy. It assists one in tolerating stress and difficult times. It assists detoxification on all levels. The stone also blocks geopathic stress and absorbs electromagnetic smog. It is also naturally irradiated making it useful for treating radiation related illness or chemotherapy.
African Jasper is not a traditional turquoise, it is actually a type of jasper mined in Africa that resembles turquoise. The stone is much harder than traditional jasper making it a great choice for jewelry.