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Green Healing Salve

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A super salve great for all kinds of skin ailments such as insect bites, cuts, scrapes, rashes, inflammations, bruises, diaper rash, eczema, dry, scaly chapped skin and lips. Our salve has a natural vibrant green color from the super infusion of 9 healing herbs We carefully craft this salve extracting the healing properties of these herbs in a most efficient way. 

It’s ingredients are known to be anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic, antiviral, antimicrobrial and to speed healing.

Made with olive oil, and organic or wildcrafted herbs: calendula, chamomile, st. john's wort, comfrey leaf, comfrey root, elder flower, chickweed, plantain, mullein, marshmallow root, vitamin E, beeswax and essential oils. 

1 oz of Green Healing Salve comes in a tin with twist lid.