April Mystical Update

13136 Highway 9
Boulder Creek
(831) 338-7567

Open Tues - Sunday
11:00 - 6:30


Agate necklace and earring set by Victoria Ainsley, glass eye necklace by Boho Gypsy Treasures. Earth Candles by Air and Fire, Legends Tarot deck, Earth Dragon Card by Argent Art, dragon hatchling box, Turtle Earth painting by Michelle Waters, The Celtic Goddess Danu by Maxine Miller, blown glass orb by Larry Cazes, healing mojo bag by Torch & Key, tree of life chalice, chrysocolla malachite calcite druse rock, ceramic mask by Daniel Spero.


Earth Day is April 22nd.  As children of the earth, may we respect, give thanks, promote awareness and create ways to preserve it. Let's honor the Celtic Goddess Danu. She symbolizes fertility, abundance, growth, agriculture and nurturing the land. This Goddess represents the wisdom of the winds, divine flow of the rivers and bounty of the fertile earth. May divine truth shine through activating our higher senses and respect for diversity among us. This beautiful statue is by Maxine Miller.

April 07, 2017
April's First Friday Artwalk will feature the works from Regina Klamner at Air and Fire. She makes beautiful jewelry and herbal crafts.
Stroll the streets of Boulder Creek and visit many shops downtown featuring Local Artists with a smile.

Sing Out!
April 8th, 2017
Workshop Fee: $25.00

This workshop is an introduction to Magickal Songs and Chants. 

Learn different chants and their ritual purpose. Whether it is for raising energy, grounding, healing, storytelling or creating a sense of community… this is the workshop you have been waiting for. Dee dispels the rumor that all pagan songs are dirges in A minor. Come bring your singing voice and prepare to have a musical witchy adventure.

Dee has been a practicing witch for over 20 years. She is a third degree initiate of the West Coast Eclectic Tradition and is currently studying in the Feri Tradition. She has led chants and songs at various festivals around the Southwest for the last 15 years. 

Call or stop by the shop to sign up
Let us get our clean ON!
April 22, 2017 12:30 - 2:30  
workshop fee $25 materials $5
This workshop is an introduction to a variety of homemade cleaning supplies, magickal workings and mundane follow thru activities that will make your home sparkle, Each participant will mix up at least 2 cleaning products, such as floor wash and basic household cleaner. A printed handout with recipes and uses is included and each participant will go home with several pre-made samples from the handout
A clean home means your magick works!
TO REGISTER for this workshop, Please stop in or call AIR & FIRE 831-338-7567...seating is limited!
April 15, 2017


The third Saturday each month Boulder Creek has Made In The Mountains featuring the artists in our community. Air and Fire will have Ruth Dailey in the shop with her unique art, handmade books, mandalas, jewelry, nurture natures, cat art and more! Boulder Creek had over 30 artists throughout downtown last month.
April 12, 19, 26 May 3, 17, 2017
Instructor: Jte
Course fee $125 materials fee$13
The Ethics of Magick, the Wiccan Rede and the Three-fold Law in depth; short History of Wicca & other Magickal Traditions; The Web of Life with its connections, responsibilities and privileges; many basic magickal symbols and their uses. Intent: to develop a working knowledge of the basic precepts of daily magical living.
Call or stop in the shop to sign up.

Mention this newsletter and receive 10% off earth candles.

Some associations with the Element Earth Candles:

*Stability*Fertility*Growth*Wisdom *Protection*Sensuality*Beauty*Wealth*Centering*Grounding

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