Magickal Oils, Magical Oils handcrafted with pure essential oils
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All of our Magickal Oils (Magical oils) are handcrafted with pure essential oils and blended in coconut or jojoba and sweet almond oils. Scroll down for a quick reference on general uses or click on any oil listed below to find out about some of the special preparations involved in its creation and suggested uses.

Guided by Spirit and imbedded with intent, we craft our Magickal oils (Magical Oils) in harmony with solar and lunar cycles to strengthen their purpose.

Air & Fire's Magickal Oils (quick reference)
Anoint yourself, candles or amulets while strongly focusing on your intent. 

New Moon Oil- Use for new beginnings, growth, transformation or to bring something new into ones life. Brings New Moon and Maiden energy. * Moonstone
Full Moon Oil- Use for Full Moon workings, charging, empowering, invoking, fulfillment, accomplishing goals, honoring the Mother Goddess.  * Moonstone

Hecate Oil- Crafted on the Dark Moon. Used for banishing, uncrossing, reversing, parting, regression, shadow work, past life or underworld workings. Infused with Dark Goddess energy. * Obsidian stone

Dragon's Blend - to add strength and potency to your workings, protection, attraction, dragon magick. * Dragon's blood

Empowering Oil- Use to strengthen confidence & personal power or to charge special objects. * Tigers Eye

Enchanting Oil- Use to allure, entice or assist outcomes in your favor.
* quartz point

Healing Oil - is an herbal infusion of 10 healing herbs and essential oils. Use for healing work. It is also beneficial to use directly on minor skin ailments.

Lord of the Forest - Use to connect with nature, tree, plant or animal spirits. Infused with primal God energy. * Oakmoss & aventurine

Prosperity Oil- Use to attract money, abundance and prosperity of all forms into your life. * Turquoise & Mint

Protection Oil- Crafted with essential oils of 7 protective plants. Use for shielding & protection from seen or unseen forces. * Obsidian

Psychic Oil- Used for psychic work, intuition, astral projection, trance work, mediumship or channeling. * Amethyst

Rose Garden Oil- Use for all matters of love, joy and beauty with rose absolute. * Fluorite

Sensual Nature- Use for love, balance, union, and to entice the sensual nature within.  Honors the God & Goddess. * Rosequartz or Garnet

Success Oil- Used to increase focus and vibrational influences for reinforcement of successful outcomes. Combine this with actions on the material plane that work towards achieving your goals. * Tigers Eye

Witches Blessing Oil- Crafted on the Full Moon with elemental & akashic energies. Use for any kind of blessing and as an altar oil. * Quartz

Our Magickal Oils are made from natural oils & ingredients from our mother earth and magickally prepared at key lunar and solar times with reverence and respect for the energies being worked with and strong intent to achieve optimum potency. Yet, we make no claims in it's effectiveness in your particular use.

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