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Above Candle

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Candle size is 2" x 6"
3 sizes are pictured, 2" x 6" ones are the tall ones.


This is a white 2" x 6" candle made of soy wax when the moon is full. We create and charge this candle with essential oil of almond. Clear quartz points are embedded into the top to hold the magickal charge and ampliphy your working.

The Above Candle represents the position of Above when working with the 7 directions or the Guardians of the Feri Tradition. In some lines this Guardian is called Heaven Shiner.

It draws upon the celestial energies of the sun, moon and stars. It is also used to align with one's Higher self, Godself, Amakua or Sacred Dove. The Above candle can also be used to bring in clarity, higher understanding, insights from beyond the earthly plane or the big picture of life and the evolution of the spirit, insights, Ancestral, web of life or spirit workings.

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